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Buttermilk Pesto dressing over gobs of goodness



Serves 4
Israeli or Pearl Cous Cous cooked (4oz)
Arugula 4 oz
Roma tomatoes 4 oz (diced) or grape tomatoes cut in half
smoked salmon 3 oz
asiago cheese 1 oz
pepitas 1 oz (toasted pumpkin seeds)
black currents 1 oz
Super Sweet Dried corn 2 oz

Buttermilk Pesto dressing
Pesto 1 cup
shallot 2 (chopped rough)
aioli 2 cups recipe in Vita Mix cookbook
buttermilk 2 cups
1 lemon juice only


Place cooked Cous Cous in the bottom of a large flat bottomed bowl.
Pour half of the dressing on the Cous Cous and stir.
line up the other ingred for a fun presentation.
Stir it all up and serve with second half of dressing for those that want more.

Buttermilk Pesto dressing
Put first 3 ingredients to food processor and blend throughly
with motor running pour in buttermilk add remaining ingred to
combine. Store in Fridge.

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